Should I get back in to making reborns again?

So basically I feel like I want to get back in to making them again as I was unwell the last time I was making reborns and feel like once I come off my medication I’ll be able to fully do my art again which is what i have Been missing. Is it worth getting some kits now and just waiting until I’m better or should I just wait until I’m better. The medication i am on stops my creativity and makes me numb to everything.

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No harm in shopping for sculpts and supplies now. Then you’ll have something tangible that keeps you looking forward to getting off your meds.
Unfortunately, due to Covid19 most of BB’s sculpts and other reborn doll supply sites are low on lots of things.
But if you don’t find what you want available directly from the sites, sometimes people here in the forum have extras they are willing to sell. :slightly_smiling_face:


If it’s something you enjoy- go for it!!! If it’s a stressful thing - don’t!
I’m about 50/50 :joy:
Good luck!


Not to be nosey but are you coming off medication just so you feel more creative or are you on a short term medication that you will be finishing the full dosing soon? The reason I ask is because if you have been placed on any kind of medication for mental and/or emotional health issues, those are not medications that you just stop taking because you do not like their side effects. You would need to discuss with your doctor your concerns about the side effects and have him/her help you manage your dosing or change you to something else if need be.


This is a very good point.
Even if you don’t feel like sharing why you’re on meds, please be sure the change is approved by your Dr!
Be safe and be well.