Shoot, shoot, shoot

It looks like the joints I like for when I make my own bodies have been discontinued. I can only find the really hard plastic ones with the brown lock discs. They’re so much harder to get on.

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ugh. I dislike them.
I think I saw they need to be soaked first

That does help some, but they’re still hard to get on.

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Bountiful baby’s had them (the white) in stock now, but I struggle to get them since a few months, especially the 35mm.
You have to boil the brown discs. I use a heat gun. I hate them !

Other craft companies sell the joints for teddy bears and such, maybe someone will have some in stock that you like?

Have you looked on Dolls by Sandie? I got a replacement joint there once and they were the same as the ones BB uses in their cuddle bodies.

I got the hard plastic with the brown lock discs with my BB cuddle bodies.

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Hmm I got hard plastic with white discs…

I got some 45mm ones from Dolls by Sandie. She only has 45 & 55mm.
I used to get them from Dolls So Real but now she only has the hard plastic ones.

I’ve tried everywhere. They’re either discontinued or out of stock.

You need the 45mm ? How much do you need ?

They’re all on back order at IDK if they’ll be getting more. I may just have to accept that the good ones are no longer available. :sleepy: Dolls So Real said their 2 main suppliers, Kemper Dolls and, have closed their doors and they don’t know if they’ll be able to get them again.