I bought a Darren awake when he was on sale for 60% off with some eyes and a body. I was supposed to receive it today and the tracking says it was delivered in the mailbox but there was nothing? I know it might come later but I’m a little concerned.

Check around the building, maybe they dropped it off somewhere else like hidden? I’m not sure. One time this happened to me and it was someone else other than the usual Mail person and they put the package somewhere else

I’m not sure about USPS, but Canada Post did this to me a few weeks ago. The package was in my mailbox the next day. I’d look around to see if you can find it, then maybe call USPS? It could be there later, or tomorrow but I’d be worried it may have been delivered somewhere else by mistake so it doesn’t hurt to check.

I checked my neighbors mailbox and nothing was there. Nothing on the front porch as well. I’ve waited for a little so ill go check.

Got him now, he was in the mailbox. I think he was forgotten about and marked as delivered lol


Maybe They just mark all thier packages delivered at the start of thier route :scream: then Deliver them so they don’t have to stop and scan each package later? :woman_shrugging:t2:

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