Shipping to Saudi?

Has anyone shipped to Saudi Arabia? Does usps deliver there?

I don’t know from US as I am in Canada but it’s really expensive and take forever. It cost me more than a 100$ and take up to 2 months. I believe it will not be very different.

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Saudi Arabia is on my no-ship list, I’ve read some negative things about shipping there. It’s possible that certain people have had no problems, though. :smiley:

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I have no experience shipping to there from the US, but I’ve done it from Canada. I agree with @Leabelle it’s not hard but very expensive and takes a long time. I was told 2-3 months but got there in 3 weeks. Customer had to pay high fees also. Was no harder than shipping to the US though.


I refunded her. :joy:
Thanks for your advice ladies!!!