Shipping to Korea

I have someone interested in a doll I had on ebay and she’s from South Korea. Has anyone shipped there? I don’t think its safe with everything that’s going on over there. What do you all think?

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I haven’t shipped there, but bought nice stuff from there. Don’t know if you are familiar with the area (at one time I wasn’t), but the Korean Peninsula is divided in half, and the problem lies in the north… Hopefully someone who has actually sold one there will chime in with something more solid.

I wouldn’t mind visiting one day. :slight_smile:


Check how old is their account and if they have lot of transactions, and if you can see what they are buying. If the account is new, or old that has been dormant for a while be cautious.
If that looks OK , have a look at whatever shipping options there are to make sure there is an on line tracked service with signature on delivery.


Thank you @ludmila. I haven’t heard back from her but will check her out.

Thanks @DollyPardon.

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Thanks. Good to know how long it would take.

I would not expect South Korea to be dangerous place to send to, but some countries do not have the sort of delivery options accepted by PP and eBay (on line tracking with signature on delivery), which could be used by scammers.

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