Shipping to Germany?

Does anyone have experience shipping from the US to Germany? I have a custom order for a lovely lady in Germany. I have never shipped anything internationally before, let alone a fully completed baby! I know there will be high fees and taxes but I am hoping someone who has done it will be able to advise me the best way to go about it

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Im not sure if it works the same way for Germany because their shipping company, DHL has a tendency to charge very high fees but in France if you ship USPS First Class international with insurance, its rare that I get charged any fees because here USPS hands off to Colissimo who does not charge silly “handling fees” like DHL does…I think they have Colissimo in Germany as well but you may want to ask your customer.

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Not ship to Germany, but I have to Austria. The shipping is going to run you about $100. Also the customs fees and everything else could customer may incur in their own country, I have no idea.

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I work with ups and my system says that original artwork can go duty free but it would still be taxed, everything is processed though customs so you won’t know the taxes until it gets processed though customs. To make everything in customs go smoothly write down all items you are putting into the box and their values, list the doll as original artwork even if shipping though usps just Incase they have the same thing as ups. I also found a really weird thing about shoes(even the baby shoes) so it might be best to avoid adding any baby shoes to the box. Be specific and ask the shipping agent everything you need to know, they should be able to look up or call about any questions you have


Thank you! Ok, i will avoid shoes then lol.

Ok great. That’s around what i had figured