Shipping to Germany issues

So a few weeks ago I had a buyer from Germany. I have sold outside the USA before, so that is no problem.

But this has been a huge headache.

The doll sold for 499$ and free shipping.

I was forced to use Etsys global shipping program. (This was the first time I’ve been made to use it.) Soooo…my buyer was upset about there being two tracking numbers.
Eventually Acendia sent the box back to me! Apparently I didn’t pay enough or something.

So…The morning the box came back to me I went directly to the post office and had it reshipped using Priority Express International.

80$ later. But the box was on the way with ONE tracking number. The buyer was happy.

So I’ve been watching the tracking. and for the last week it has said. “receiver unavailable. Will attempt another delivery.”

I figured they just missed her or something. So I sent her a message letting her know the box was coming and she should be there.

She responded asking me if she had to pay customs fees because she had left a note for the carrier who did not just leave the box.

I told her I was unsure. But it was possible. And the best way for her to be sure to get her doll was to be home when they came.

She said she would.

So again today I contacted her and asked her if she had gotten the box.

She responded that AGAIN she left a note and they did not leave it. and that the box would be sent back to me!

I instructed her to contact her local post office and see if they would hold the box there for her so she could collect it. Or if they could bring it to her again.

She then proceeded to complain to me that she didn’t want to have to go get the box.

I’m annoyed.

I did everything I could to make this transaction go as smooth as I could. I dealt with Etsy awful global shipping. I shipped the doll twice. I let her know every step of the way and it seems like she wants to make ZERO effort to get the package.

What do I do here?

I have the money to refund them…but i really needed it for the move. And now my doll is somewhere in Germany.

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She said she’d be home. She should have taken the note down and answered the door. How would the carrier know the note was for him/her? If they won’t leave it, and she won’t go get it, and it is actually returned to you, you’ll have no choice but to refund her and re-list. If you have to pay for the return shipping, you might want to deduct that amount from the refund.

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I’ve never sent anything international before. Could it be that she just doesn’t want to pay the customs fees? Is that why the carrier isn’t leaving the package at her door? Or does she have to sign for delivery? I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with this headache.

The 3 international shippings that I’ve done the buyer had to go to the customs office and pay the fees before the package was released to them. I’ve never heard of paying customs fees at your door. Do they do that?

Usually the customers I have sold to in Europe have to go to the mail facility to pay the custom fees. Every where in Europe has them. They won’t leave it without getting paid. I believe they will give them so many days to pick it up.


I contacted her and told her to contact the postal service in her area to arrange to pay the fees.

She probably won’t get off her rear and do it. But I refuse to pay them for her. I already lost money on this sale.

I just hope if she doesnt go get the box that they send it back to me.

I am not refunding a cent until i have the doll back.

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You shouldn’t.


So. This is what she said when I told her she needed to contact them to pay the fees. And my response.

I feel for her. But if she really wanted to she could get that box. I don’t drive. When you don’t have a car you figure it out.


Looks like I will have to refund her.


She expects me to refund her before I get the doll back.

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She can call and pay the custom fee online . She just doesn’t want to .
Wait until the baby is back … take off all your expenses and refund the rest


That’s my plan.

My issue is will Etsy force a refund before I have my doll back. I have no issue giving her money back. I have issue with doing it before I have the doll.

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I think I’d be contacting Etsy and let them know what’s going on before she files a complaint against you.


She should have known about custom fees. I get that she’s frustrated with DHL (I know I often am!) but there’s nothing you can do about it.



I checked the tracking again and it says the package is waiting for her at the post office.

I contacted her and told her. She proceeds to tell me she doesn’t want to have to go get it.

That’s all fine and all. But I am not refunding her until I have the doll back.

This just made her angry. And she is insisting she get a refund now.

Its not happening. I want my doll back before she gets one penny from me. Its not my fault she refuses to go get the box that is waiting for her.


Sounds like she wants the money back and then quickly pick up the box.


Apparently when she realized I wasn’t going to refund her she went and got the box. And she loves her.

I’m going to miss this one. She was one of my favorites. Sigh.

Parr of me wishes she would have sent her back.

But she’s happy. And she sent me photos. And left a positive review.


Glad it ended on a happy note.


All’s well that ends well. She was definitely worth that trip to the post office! :two_hearts:


I have had this also ,when you got something from U S we got to pay fees so they only
come when your home !
If not they take it to a lokal post office where you must pay the fees and then you can take the package home
Here in Europe we always got to pay fees only if you buy less then 30,00 euro you don’t have to pay


Europe has a perfect public transportation. There are busses and trains if she lives out of the big city, so all that ‘no car’ nonsense is BS.