Shipping from BB

Does anybody know approx. how much shipping is to Canada on BB? I might get a kit sometime to start reborning but not sure about shipping.

It usually is about $27 usd.

Okay thanks

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MacPherson is in Canada aren’t they? They actually have a few kits for around $50. That might be cheaper than BB shipping. But I do know BB is great at responding. You should just email them and ask them. :slight_smile:

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Macp’s also has spend 100 and get free shipping! You can get all you need :grinning:


Okay thank you

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Shipping is $29.95. The post office always charges me a $9.95 fee when I have to pay taxes. I think It might still be cheaper than ordering from MacPherson’s because you can get kits a lot cheaper, especially if you buy sale ones or seconds. I always just make a big order so that I don’t have to pay shipping too often and the shipping is spread out over more kits.