Shipping Damage?

I just received a female Liam who is beyond gorgeous and I am so happy with her. The artist was wonderful, gave me frequent updates, and made sure I was happy.

I picked her up from FedEx and the box was opened and kicked in and just a mess. She was wrapped securely with FRAGILE written all over the box.

She was fine inside of the box but it is a big dip in her right thigh. I was wondering is this shipping damage or is this how the Liam sculpt is instead of ignoring it. She is fine otherwise and the dip is something I can get past. I messaged the artist and she is off business hours during the weekend I think, which I respect. We all need a break. But there are other Liam owners on here too who may have a Liam to see.



One of my friends once got a doll whose legs had been sucked in due to the pressure in the airplane during shipping. She had to take the legs off, poke a hole in the end where they were sealed to let some air back in them and then heat them to make them re-gain their shape.


Thanks Julie. Very helpful. Maybe that can be it. I don’t feel comfortable taking off her leg since I never done it before, but it’s nice to know that can possibly be that too.

When I do squeeze it, it does come back out. I never thought about that though, it can be an air pressure cause, which I’d rather have than some shipping damage.

Try just heating it with a hair dryer. If it’s from being squished during shipping it might just pop back out.

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I sent a doll to Hawaii once and when it arrived, one of the legs was like that. As Julie said, air pressure from the plane. She removed the leg, replaced the cable tie, and it was fine.

Thanks so much everyone! I am glad that it seems like it’s a common issue. I was worried that a tie could had came loose or anything, but I’m glad that she is okay otherwise.

I’m not confident in removing the tie myself, but it’s fine. (Maybe I can practice on a kit over and over again and one day I may find the courage to do it.) I would had been more annoyed if it was damage from the shipping, since they just ignore labels and have no respect for things at time.

LISTEN UP LADIES-------NEVER WRITE “FRAGILE” ON THE BOX WHEN SHIPPING!!! I have known people who work in shipping warehouses and they say when something comes through with “fragile” written on it they treat it the very roughest that they can. It gets dropped, thrown, kicked etc. SO DON’T DO IT!! It’s pretty sad that grown people would do that but it is done ALL THE TIME!!


I agree never write Fragile, those boxes get kicked around!


Reuse a zip tie link;
How to Undo a ZIP Tie - Bing video 16

Yeah it is a shame that they do that. I am guilty of that myself too when I sell things on eBay, especially since if you ship through UPS and Fedex, because they unlike USPS has a higher chance of compensating you for damaged/ lost/ etc items.

Would had sucked if she came to me broken up, especially if so much is spent on her. They don’t realize (or care) that sometimes, some things can take hours to make, expensive, and is one of a kind.

And thanks Missly21 for the zip tie link, I’ll give it a look for sure.


Sorry to double post, but I was thinking about trying to paint dolls myself in the next few months…slowly stocking up on supplies.

I want to paint with air dry paints because it scares me putting a doll in the oven, due to knowing my luck. (I bought a nuwave for 7 yrs ago which hasn’t been used…hmm)

Would air dry be easier for a beginner, harder, or just about the same?

If you’ve never painted before, and I mean art work not walls, you could start with any of them. If you have a background in art and have used oils you might prefer the heat set paints because they work in a similar way. If you’ve done watercolors or acrylics you might have a head start with air dry paints for the same reason. Most people consider air dry paints less of a health risk so there’s that as well to consider. Jump in with one of them though and you’ll have fun!


Thank you for letting me know! I think I will start with air dry paints and maybe an asleep baby kit, even though I prefer an awake one. I know there is nothing to adding the eyes.

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I started with air dry and still use them. You should do fine with them and you won’t have to unlearn heat set.

Don’t be quite so certain about adding eyes!! They can be a real pain in the butt!! I hate doing eyes, sometimes they don’t fit right, or 1 won’t fit right or you just can’t get them to work out the way you want them-----eek!! But jump in and get started, you’ll do great!! You’ll fall in love with the “sleeping” babies anyway, good luck, ask questions if you need too and GO SLOW, take your time and you will come out with a wonderful first baby!!

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