Shipping Costs to Canada

I just received notice that I had sold a doll to someone in Canada. I think I had listed that I do not ship outside the USA. I am trying to figure out how much extra the shipping will be and what extra do you have to do to ship to Canada.

I’ve shipped to Canada from the U.S. and it was between 45$ and 60$. The buyer paid shipping and it was relatively fast shipping.

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My daughter just shipped a doll to Canada and it was $61.00 probably would have been $25.00 in the US

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Thank you both for responding. What about additional paperwork? Customs? Thanks,

I would use your own box, not flat rate…I just sent one to France using my own, it was a $20.00 difference. It was $61.00 $81.00 if I used p.o. box. If your printing through PayPal, it will have you fill out custom form right on line. You need to send the three copies(they will print three out) in a p.o. clear envelope on top of box.

When shipping o/s I attach samples of all filling to the paperwork and label the little snap lock bags like: “fine glass beads - in the limbs & head” and “polyfill - limbs, body & head” etc. and hope that the custom officers will not feel the need to take the baby apart.

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What if they do take the doll apart? I sent one to Canada last Monday and it’s still in customs. It’s freaking me out. I sent one to Australia and it took 6 days from Florida USA