Shipping cost!

Wow just cost me 53.00 to ship to Oregon from Kentucky!


With what shipping company?

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USPS that’s with insurance and tracking! And I was only covered for 35.00 . I’m gonna have to approach shipping in a different way. Usually the 35.00 would cover!



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Have you tried Sign up for a free account, print your labels at home, purchase insurance and signature from them, then just bring to post office and they’ll scan it and give you a tracking number. You might be able to have them pick it up also. I save about $10 for every shipment.


Was your box over 12 inches?

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Ok I will check into that thanks!

Yes it was Jade awake.

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Any box longer or wider than 12 inches will add a lot to the price.

I use to ship all mine in a 24x10x8 rectangle and it was about $60

Now I use Large flat rate box for smaller reborns/realborns, their Large mailing box (12x12x8) for dolls a little bigger.

(both these ways normally cost me $25-$40)


That’s how I ship too!


Me too ship that way, same as Jen and RosieCait. :footprints: :baby:

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I feel your pain. I just shipped a box today from IL to ND and it cost me $42 :sob:


I’ve started using regional rate boxes when I can. They’re marginally smaller than USPS Flat Rate and considerably cheaper to ship. Cost varies according to destination, but I sent a large regional rate box for under $9. A large flat rate box is currently $21.90.

Regional rate boxes are Priority Shipping

Large flat rate box is 12 1/4 X 12 1/2 X 6 - $21.90
Large regional rate box B (up to 20 lbs) is 12 X 10 1/4 X 5 Calculated by zone

Medium flat rate box is 11 1/4 X 8 3/4 X 6 - $13.75
Medium regional rate box A (up to 15 lbs) is 10 X 7 X 4 3/4 Calculated by zone

Domestic Zones:

  1. 1-50 miles Box A $7.83 Box B $8.23
  2. 51-150 miles Box A $7.83 Box B $8.23
  3. 151-300 miles Box A $8.04 Box B $8.64
  4. 301-600 miles Box A $8.34 Box B $9.56
  5. 601-1000 miles Box A $9.01 Box B $12.36
  6. 1001-1400 miles Box A $10.89 Box B $17.50
  7. 1401-1800 miles Box A $11.63 Box B $20.10
  8. 1801+ miles Box A $12.64 Box B $22.90
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Wow, the last two i shipped from Pennsylvania to California were around $34.00

UPS, box 20 x 8 x 8, 7 to 9 pounds.

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Thanks for the info! I will Definitely be checking out these other options!

Thanks girls! I have mostly sold here in my Region so I don’t have a lot of experience in mailing.

:weary: and I hear the rates are going up!

Are you able to fit a finished reborn in any of these? I could’ve sworn I tried the large flat-rate, but it wasn’t big enough for the baby and the items I send with, so I had to go bigger.

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Me either

It depends on the size of the baby. Sometimes I have to go bigger but I try to reduce costs where I can.

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