Shiny parts after cooking

First time ever doing this . I did my vein and my skin tone cooked got one Burnt spot and one shiny spot . My thermometer isn’t working so now I’m scared to cook more . Is shiny spots normal and can I get rid of them ? Help these are Christmas presents for my girls and now I need to find a Gabriel head . Please help !!

It seems like your oven may be too high or that you are perhaps baking too long. I have partially melted parts before where there was slight discoloration and shine (oven accidentally got turned up). I applied a very thin layer of matte varnish and good as new. What type of thermometer and oven are you using?

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So apply Matt varnish and then bake? Then continue on with the rest of my colors ? Thermometer from B.B. and a brand new convection oven.

Matte * have no idea what I’m doing . Watching video as I go. I read that you turn the oven on set timer and if the temp reaches 265 by the end I’m good ? Is that true ? I think I got the oven too hot I waited till it got to 265 and then half way through it burnt or the thermometer is junk . I’m testing to see in my own oven if it works .

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Are you using a Nuwave or similar? What type of oven? Parts are to be baked 8 minutes at 265 degrees. I don’t preheat the oven or anything. If you are waiting for the the temp to reach 265. I wonder if your oven is too low and you baking the parts too long. Or if the parts are too close to the heating element.

Do you have your convection oven set to convection? If you have it set to toaster that may be the problem. It looks like the ear touched the element or got way too close to it. I use a convection oven. I turn it on and wait until it gets to 270 before putting the parts in.

You may be able to salvage the head by shaving off the burned part of the ear. It would leave the ear a little deformed but not bad if it is for your daughter and she wouldn’t mind.

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The oven that works best for reborning is the NuWave. There are other convection ovens that are similar although not quite the same. I have read of more accidents from those who use the regular convection ovens that are similar to the NuWave, and that those regular ones have more hot spots and sometimes the dial timers stop working and melt kits. With my NuWave Pro Plus I have only melted a couple kits when I didn’t set it properly. Once I set it properly and set a timer on my phone to go check it at the end, I have no problems. A regular box style convection oven is usually too small to heat a kit evenly without parts of it getting too hot. I tried one of those when I started reborning almost five years ago, and then replaced it with the NuWave and have not regretted it. With a good convection oven, the paint needs to reach 250 degrees for about two to three minutes to set. So, I set my NuWave on 9 minutes at 265 degrees, and it reaches above 250 for enough time. You can find a good price for a NuWave, usually at QVC and sometimes

I’m using a convection oven like the one Denise recommended. How far away from the element should it be? I’m so mad at myself ! I only put three parts in at a time maybe I’ll do the heads by themselves. Thoughts? My husband said make a birth mark lol with the burnt ear … does B.B. sell just heads for things like this ? Thank you everyone for helping .

I did 8 min but I think the head was to high bc the thermometer was reading low . So I think I’ll put it on 260 put items in turn on and set timer at 8 min And it sounds like it should set ?

I’m not sure what she recommends lol I’m thinking must be a halogen oven like a Nuwave. I think most use a extender ring with it.

Is your oven like this?

I use a countertop convection oven. BB does sell heads separately from time to time. There’s many kits on sell usually as well they as offer seconds which are discounted.

Also the convection ovens do not need preheated.

My newest off brand smaller oven with glass dome heats the kits hotter than my last 1 or my nuwave that broke.

So with this one I set it at 250° for 7 minutes and it is still hot enough. I check the paint and it is set. If I do the next setting up it is too hot and warps my vinyl. On this oven it raises by 25 ° each click. So my options are 250° or 275°
I even bought a new thermometer thinking mine was breaking because the vinyl was so hot. Turns out the thermometer was fine. This oven is just hotter. Not sure what is happening, but 250° seems to work

Thoughts ?

Oh okay, we use something similar. Make sure the dial is on convention. My oven has a bake, broil, toast, rotisserie, and convention setting on the oven. I put my parts on the second to last row to make sure they are not to close to the heating element. I bake my parts for 10 mins on 265. I set a timer and flip 5 mins in otherwise the side up with warp while the bottom side doesn’t cure. Make sure the oven is set to convention & also try flipping half way through the process. Also I bake on the tray I first put a layer of poly-fil and then a towel.

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Your oven to hot you have to play around to what you think is the right temp.

If you cut out the burned part of the ear you could probably fill it in with liquid Sculpey. It would take several thin layers. I don’t know if you could liquid Sculpey over it. Maybe.

i used the toaster oven and partly melted a kit, finger tips I think the toaster ovens the parts are to close to the heating elements
so I went and bought the nuwave style one at walmart. I am also working on learning air dry

So should I apply the matte varnish to shiny spots and then back or so matte varnish then another layer of skin color then bake? I’m gonna try to go at it again tonight, I’m nervous to bake again . lol

is this too close to heat ?

Says it’s a Convection and acts like one , shuts on and off and has fan. I have a convection for cooking but I read it’s not good to use your cooking oven. I don’t know how to use this form , says I’ve Exceeded my post