Shaya preorder opens soon!

So excited! She is the first one I have set an alarm for :smiley:


I’ve got her preordered :j

She does have those rounded bottom feet, but my babies had feet like that before they start walking, so I am ok with them. I intend to sell her, not keep her. I would not like the feet on a keeper.

She is so sweet, that look- to DIE FOR!!!

She is adorable. I need her, but I just preordered Jocy x 2 and someone else. Hmmm… Eloisa. Lol

Why are all these cute kits coming out at the same time???

How are you all seeing pics of her feet. I was looking at her on Macphersons site and can’t see much of the limbs at all. I really wish they would show photos of the blank kit.

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I saw them on Facebook from one of the Prototype artists- Bianca Franke. She is my all-time favorite reborn artist. I try to emulate her style on most of my Reborns.


Okay I just looked. I can’t see anything wrong with her limbs so far. Her feet just look like chubby baby feet to me. I think my kids had feet were kind of chunky before they got bigger and thinned out a bit.

Bianca is my favorite, also, and I also love Alexa Calvo’s work.