Yes, she’s one that caught my eye.

she is so lovely

I love Shay! She was the first porcelain doll I ever made. In fact, I still have all of her molds at all her different ages and sizes…

Wow! It took me a while to find pictures but here they are. The first is toddler Shay, my first ever porcelain doll, and the second is the Sweet 16 version of Shay that I made about a year later.

Karen -

Toddler Shay is 28" tall although she also came in sizes as small as 9" (14", 20", and I believe 24") and Sweet 16 Shay was 29" tall but appeared much taller because she was slimmer and actually had a full breastplate (with breasts!)

And yes, I did make the clothing for both of these dolls… thank you!

Carmen M.

Thank you Karen! No, unfortunately, I no longer make them although I still have my workshop with 1000’s of porcelain molds and 3 kilns! However, I much rather spend my time working on my reborns - they are so much more satisfying.

  • Carmen M.

Oh, yes, Kay. I love Chris Ann.