Sharing babies with my grandma

Brought my Ramsey to meet my grandma. She has a little bit of dementia and just loves my babies.


What a beautiful and sweet image, you are a wonderful granddaughter

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So sweet! And Ramsey looks so happy in grandma’s arms :heart_eyes:

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This is so awesome! She loves that baby – it shows. :slight_smile: Makes my heart happy to see folks like this so happy.

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You are melting my heart and that baby looks so darn real! Omg!

That is a precious picture :heart:

Your little Ramsey looks SO real in her arms!!

That’s just precious!! Wonderful that you can share something so beautiful and make her happy.

Just too precious :slightly_smiling_face:

Awe, thats beautiful :slight_smile:

Very heartwarming photo. Thank you for sharing xo

That is so sweet your grandma looks so happy cuddling Ramsey! :heart:

What a beautiful image of your grandmother and baby!:two_hearts:

So sweet!