Shampoo for synthetic wig

Can use baby shampoo to wash a wig that’s on a lee Middleton doll? I don’t want to buy a bottle of shampoo for one washing. Ty for any help

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First she is very cute. I have washed doll hair with all kinds of soaps and shampoos. I’ve also just used a mild conditioner also fabric softeners like Downy. I have 3 girls and there was always doll hair to fix. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much Anne! I’ll give it a try…I don’t want to ruin her hair for sure. She’s so cute :slight_smile:

Just do not comb while wet. Don’t wash like yours. Swirl wig in warm water with shampoo in it. Rinse. Pat extra water out and let hang to dry.

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I’m not going to remove it from her head :joy: just freshen it up. That’s the tip I needed not to comb when wet. Ty!

Also no conditioner?

Great tips! Since it is synthetic a fabric softener as a shampoo would be fine.