Sewing question

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I’ve decided to bring out my sewing machine again and start making some fashion doll clothing ( sewing is another hobby I LOVE) So I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a pattern for the Reborn Bodies. I think it’s easier to just make my own. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a pattern lol

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Thanks but I’m not looking for a cuddle body. I need the regular bodies

Chelle’s body patterns are the best ones. She has several models.
Rachelle Ferrell

3 Likes has body patterns in different styles and sizes.

I have been trying to purchase her pattern but she doesn’t reply to messages :disappointed_relieved:

Send her a PM on Facebook.

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Thank you x

If you have any bodies on hand you can always take them apart and make a pattern from them. If there is anything you don’t like about the pattern you can change it. Just a suggestion.


That is what I would do. Why to re-invent the wheel?

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That is pretty well what Rachelle did years ago I think. Her patterns were based off the bodies for babies back when they were not included with the kits. There are 2 pattern packages, I have both. Enough bodies to use for most any kit even if you have to tweak leg openings for fatter ones.


Thank you for your help Angie, I finally got the patterns, yay!!

Oh good! I am so glad! I have them all but I hate sewing bodies so I rarely ever do any more. I rather pay someone else to do it! LMBO!

I have also tried contacting her and she doesn’t answer back

Facebook is how I have always gotten in touch with her.