Several Replies already. Thank you. :)

I’ve had a few replies thank you so much.

I enjoyed the last swap SO much. But… I love love painting hair… Is there another experienced artist that would like to coordinate a baby swap with me personally? We would do it just like the other swaps have been done, but our babies will have hair. If your interested and would like to discuss details please PM me We can discuss kits, timeframe etc.

If I don’t find a one on one swap partner I’ll join the Rose swap. :slight_smile:


I know my babies aren’t good enough to swap with you yet, but one day I hope they will be. I have a feeling that may be another few years to go. I love painting too, it’s fun.


Your babies are beautiful! I love the pictures you showed me. :heart:

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Thank you so much, but I need a lot more practice first, actually I need to do a baby swap with someone more experienced then me so that, that person can look at one of my babies and tell me where or what I can do to improve to make my babies better, but no one really wants to make that trade and take a chance on getting a lower quality painted doll that they may have to do some fixing too because some detailing may have been overlooked. Granted there is no set in stone exact way of creating these beautiful babies.

I think that upcoming teacher swap will be a rest ode for this very reason!


I would love a tutorial from you!!! Please make one!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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Thank you Nikki, that means a lot. I’m actually working on some YouTube videos of my painting. :wink:


That will be awesome Misty, can’t wait to see what you do!!

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