Serenity Eagles

Well I did a kit that was not a custom order…the first one in about 2 years…lol Just wanted to see what I could do with Serenity…The pictures are not the best I’ve ever done but anyway - took them in different lighting…she was quite a fun sculpt to reborn…so here she is…


She looks fantastic! Will you keep her?

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SOOOO cute!!! :heart:

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Oh! She is SWEET!

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She’s adorable, Starr! I love her skin tones and hair! :heart_eyes:

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She is a little beauty, Starr!

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Love he!

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Beautiful baby Starr, is she a keeper? I would keep her if I had made her, she is adorable!!!


How sweet​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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She is adorable, will she be a keeper? How fun

when you can just do what you want. She’s a pretty baby!

Beautiful!!! :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

She’s gorgeous! Great job, love love love her hair!

Precious, Starr…I’m happy that you have a steady business but it’s always nice to make a doll with the vision you came up with. :slight_smile:

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Wow, Thank you so much ladies…I got 'involved in making her so much so that I stayed up though till 7:30am…lol (I am a night owl anyway but she was a dream to paint…I did fully enjoy doing her…(Needless to say, I went straight off to shower and bed after posting pictures so it is so lovely to get up and see all your very kind comments)

I did buy the kit to make her as a keeper though I wasn’t sure I would like her but will do my usual one time offer of her for sale and if she doesn’t sale…yes, she will be a keeper…I have to say that secretly I do hope she doesn’t sale…I only have one doll of my own work I have ever kept…so she will be #2 if she doesn’t sell…I normally don’t buy LLE kits unless someone orders one but I have to say that since she is completed, she sort of grew on me and I just think she is a total cutie…lol I will update you soon

I wasn’t sure about her hair either…it was originally going to be very short baby baby hair but looking at her face and thinking I needed to make a girl of her, I thought I would leave the length.Do you think it is too much hair for her??? I always wonder about that when I leave length on the newborns???..Her face to me is a bit more masculine when you shorten the hair…JMO…and probably because my babies all want to come out as boys…lololollol

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Thanks so much Ellen… :smile:

Well, I decided to pop her up on Ebay this morning and she just sold…Wahhhhhhh :sob: Normally if I decide I like them and want to keep them they always sell - .Not sure if I will do another one…I always fall in love with my first and rarely do I like my second one as well even if it is very close…I have my little Presley Asleep I will be doing in the near future…He WILL NOT be offered for sale…lol I LOVE that kid…Might have to just get a little Rosie too and do it for myself.(I am actually grateful for the quick sale… :smile:)


Way to go! Congratulations!!

Wow, Starr, she’s stunning :heart_eyes:

I’m not surprised she was snapped up so quickly. Congratulations x

Shes absolutely adorable :heart: her skin is perfect . lovely face , ide like to reborn this one in future for sure.

Thank you so much…I will actually miss this little one…was sort of sad putting her in the box… :cry: The lady that bought her will spoil her rotten though…She has about 14 of my dolls now and they are some of the best dressed kids in Australia…lol :smile: