Sera do you see her whoops?

Here is my Sera did her photo shoot listed her . Now see a whoops! .i just notice it.Can you see it ?Wondering if it constitutes a booboo baby? What do you think?


Had to look hard for this one, haha. Is it the cheek? Or maybe that’s just lighting I see…

Nope not cheek thats lighting…
. i wont make you all guess. Eyebrow is too high!! dang! Now i look at her all i see is that eyebrow! yikes…what do you think? booboo baby or no… passible?

Eyebrows seem fine to me

Baby looks fine to me, very sweet!

Definitely NOT a boo boo baby. Adorable!

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Eyebrows are a little high but not enough to call her a booboo baby. She’s adorable.

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Oh, no. I wouldn’t call that a boo-boo. Little high, but it looks okay to me.

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Thanks all …but thats what i think too. a little high should be more near the brow bone .Glad you all dont think its booboo baby but bugs me not right

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I wouldn’t have noticed the eyebrow. She’s a cutie for sure!!!

Didn’t notice the brows were too high.
My eyebrows are on my brow bone, is that weird? I thought that was where we should place them.

They SHOULD BE on your brow bone or the top of it.Haha why i messed up .Cant believe i did this .I did put them on with her upside down but took days to root youd think id have notice ! im dense.
I appreciate the input

She’s beautiful!

Thank you its the first time i did her .Shes not bad

Nope. Not a boo-boo baby because we artists didn’t notice it right off. She is absolutely adorable.

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I think she is cute - I love Sera - one of my favs.