I’m wondering about selling on I have an Etsy shop and I get a lot of likes but no sales. Is reborns a good place or do I bite the big one and sell on EBay even with the awful fees?

I love


I use etsy and I like both but reborns is cheaper.

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Do you use the 5$ selling tiier or higher?


I like using
You can change the level you are selling on from month to month. And if you decide to skip a month or more, your info is still in the system when you re-subscribe. I’ve sold several and taken custom orders on

Is the highest plan worth it? I don’t want to waste my money

Statistically, most sales come from the gold level (19.95). I think it is in the 80 something percent range of sales come from that level. But, it is possible that some drop to bronze level when they don’t have a doll to sell but want to keep their page open for exposure so of course there won’t be sales then as there is nothing to sell. Dave does post the gold level dolls on a few places though, I think facebook and another place. So that does help. Also, your baby rotates on the front page if you pay for gold.


I started with the gold level and just paid for my 3rd month there and sold 2 babies from there. I sold 1 baby from selling groups on facebook so that works too.

I have an etsy site and reborns and I sell about equal on each one.:heart_eyes_cat:

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I like I have sold a few doll on the $20 membership, but recently sold on the $5 one. When I’m not making dolls I just don’t pay and go back when I’m ready. I like th at it keeps all my old info so I don’t have to keep adding. I never used Etsy so I can’t compare.

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