Selling Giveaway Babies


I really hate when people do that. If you win a give a way and no longer want the baby/item, why not bless someone else with it??


Ouch, that’s nasty. Guess some people only join in on giveaways to make a quick buck.


That is a touchy subject.


My thing is, if you don’t like the artwork, sell it and donate the proceeds to charity. Perhaps theyre in a financial pinch and have nothing else to sell to assist them with paying their bills.
I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. You never know what that person is going through.


On the one hand, it belongs to them to do as they please. On the other hand it’s rude to sell something that was given to you. Just my two cents.
I only enter giveaways if it is something I would treasure or know someone I could pass it on to (gift) that would treasure it.


I think it should be gifted… BUT if you do need to sell it (maybe bills are piling up?)

DO NOT use the artist’s photos
ONLY use your own
STATE if you SMOKE or have PETS


I feel like if they own it it’s theirs to do with whatever they please, no matter how they acquired it. There is nothing wrong with selling something you’ve won if you no longer want it. I don’t see a problem with someone selling a bbq that they won why should there be a problem with someone selling a doll? They should definitely use their own photos so that the true condition of it is represented. That’s my opinion.


@ShawnP that was very considerate that you asked the artist if she wanted the baby back.
I’ve done 2 giveaways, and donated other babies for different reasons. I never mentioned that I would like the baby back. I saw the first baby I did a giveaway on for sell on eBay. I will admit it kind of hurt. I put so much work and heart into each one that I guess I think the recipient would understand. It took me time to realize that if I felt like that then maybe I shouldn’t put my work out. As much as I love reborning, would make that hard. I would be forever crowded by babies. Also, like some said they may have financial strain. They really might not want to sell. On my behalf, I don’t think I would like to try to resell the doll after it’s been in someone else’s home. I debated with myself after my last giveaway. It was for a custom baby. I decided that if they get it and decide it’s not for them then oh well. They would probably sell it. I can’t linger on it. I just hope that the person who winds up with my baby in the long run, truly enjoys it and appreciates all the love I poured into it.
Everyone is not like me. I’ve been given kits and clothing from fellow artists as gifts since I joined the reborn community. When I paint the kits I keep them for myself, if it’s something I end up not liking— I giveaway to someone else. I never sell.
Apologies for being so long-winded.


I feel it’s theirs to do what they want. It’s no different than winning cash in place of an item. That being said I do think they should use their own photos to show the condition of the doll. Also state if the doll is from a smoke home. My first reborn purchased was from a smoker. It was terrible. This might be unpopular opinion but the YouTube mess against Bell is getting annoying and I don’t think it needs to make its way over to other groups. Sorry I don’t wanna come off harsh just get tired of seeing it.



I know you are kind and fair, but firm with all your clients, collectors and followers. I understand trying to make a little money on the side for more babies but this was a “gift” really and regifting is a beautiful thing…I think she should have paid it forward.

Hopefully she understands where you are coming from, its a place of love, that was also a really sweet baby.

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Just my opinion but once I sell or giveaway a reborn, I no longer have any say in what happens to it. I agree that people should never use the artist pictures for re-sell and should take their own. It’s just like saying Not For Children but we can’t know what anybody is going to do once it is out of our possession. It would be a wonderful thing if people were nice enough to pass the freebies on in this world but most people are all about the mighty dollar and making more. Many times I see on FaceBook where people have been gifted reborns and they sell them and continue to ask for more until someone gives in and gives them another and the cycle continues.

Edit…Just saying we really have no control over what happens to our sweet reborns once they are out of our hands.


Thank you so much everyone for your comments and thoughts.:two_hearts: for sure using artist photos is wrong. I stated my feelings about giveaway babies and my opinion on the subject of selling giveaway babies. It’s a hot topic button. I do agree that anyone can do with a giveaway reborn what they would like no matter how they Acquire it and I will continue to do giveaways. My thought (and it’s just an opinion) it would be nice to pass it on to bless someone else. :blush::two_hearts:


I agree.