Selling a doll for more than you bought it for

Hi all! I know we’ve discussed this, but I don’t remember if there was a final decision. I have someone trying to sell a doll I made on Facebook for $400 more than she bought it for. Should I say something to her on the post (publicly), message her privately, or leave it alone because it’s her doll now anyway?

I’m hurt that she has overpriced my doll because I know she’s not worth that much, but I also know that I’m too close to the situation to see it fairly. Do you have thoughts? Thanks!


Im not sure about what to say how…but I know for one thing, $400 more is a lot! Definitely not fair to you as the artist.

I definitely wouldn’t leave it alone. If it were me, I’d probably say something publicly. But I’m not totally sure :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I would just let it go. It’s her doll now. Just feel flattered if she gets $400 more for it. Then make sure to raise your own prices.


You should look at raising your prices :wink:


I agree with Katina and ZeldaDawn.


Absolutely agreed.

Take it as a compliment. Possibly look at raising your prices…How wonderful if your work goes for more! Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Your baby now belongs to her to do with what she sees fit (of course I’m assuming everything is being honestly showcased, and she hasn’t done anything to misrepresent your work as an artist… such as changing the paint and saying it’s your work etc)


Keep in mind asking $400 more and actually getting $400 more for it are two different things. I would watch it and if she sells it that high then you need to raise your prices and be proud it sold higher. I see no issue of “fairness” here. You just may not be asking enough.


I would leave it alone :heart: When they bought the doll from you, it became their property :heart:


Ok. I’ll keep an eye on the post and see if she actually sells it for that much. Thank you all for the advice!


I just bought a doll from an artist for Christmas for myself. She is beautiful and in person much nicer than her picture. The artist sold it for $300 ish and this doll should have sold for at least $500 ish minimum. I keep wanting to contact the artist and let her know she should raise her prices but I didn’t know if this would be offensive. After reading this post I think she may appreciate it for her future work.


I agree with what others have said, I’d look at it as an opportunity to look at your prices. I’ve seen a few of your dolls on reborns and thought they were extremely underpriced. I think your Willa especially? Maybe it was Willa, I can’t remember. But I know that it was a beautifully painted and rooted baby that I thought should have been listed for at LEAST $800. I think it’s so easy to undervalue our own work, we’re our own worst critics and all that… Maybe she saw a beautiful baby worth much more than she paid for it. If she sells the baby at that much higher it will definitely be a cue that you should follow suit :slight_smile:


Thank you! I appreciate that. I think the only reason I haven’t raised my prices is because of the other dolls I see at higher price points. My work doesn’t quite match up, but I’ll definitely look and again and reconsider.


I don’t know about others, but this would definitely not offend me. It’s flattering for someone to think I should raise my prices. I would prefer someone talking to me personally over relisting the doll for a higher price on their own though.


For sure I would agree because she is not the artist so this makes the doll a “used” doll. Most dolls go down in price not up once they sell from the artist.


She may have a hard time selling at that price not because the doll isn’t worth it, but because the community pays attention to these things and will realize she’s asking more than she paid. So maybe you should nudge up on your pricing whether she gets her asking price or not…


Very true! I’ve had people reach out to me asking about what the previous owner bought the doll for to make sure their getting a fair price.


I’ve had people message me asking what I sold a doll for and I find it to be an invasion of privacy to the buyer if I disclosed that information to the potential new mommy. A doll is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. So, if someone thinks a doll is being sold for more than what the seller paid, then they have the choice to decline the sale if they don’t think it is worth that much. The price tag is pretty irrelevant.