Seller's guilt

Has anyone ever had sellers guilt when they thought about putting one of their babies up for adoption from their collection? I have a custom Milou that was made as a portrait baby of my son. He is a fair likeness, but I just haven’t bonded with him. I don’t change his clothes, I rarely ever hold him, but when I think about selling him I feel super guilty. He was the first reborn I ever bought and at the time I thought I was spending a ridiculous amount of money. Now that I’m an artist myself, I can tell that the quality of the paint job is not even up to my standards for myself, let alone something that I would purchase from another artist today. I wish I could just shake this guilt about wanting to sell this doll.


Sell him and paint one to your likening. Somehow I have a feeling that you’ll bond with yours.


Like @YelenaRey said!