I was thinking of getting " seconds" grummp 4 month Sage but I was hesitant because of it not having a COA. It was $34.99.
Now I just looked and it’s $65.99!!! A seconds kit ??? Is that crazy or is it just me? :astonished:


Wow. You could purchase a LE kit that comes with body from Macs for that by the time you purchase the body and shipping. :grimacing:


I’m so happy it’s not just me who thinks that price for a seconds kit with NO COA or body is crazy. I am leaning more towards buying sculpted kits now.


The price difference is very little now.


It’s not just you :frowning:


I just checked out the seconds section and this is sad that BB has bumped prices so high. I was going to sell some kits and did, but, now I best keep them .I won’t be able to buy any more at this rate. Times are hard but I feel these kits and bodies are getting beyond affordable for retired people.


What?!?! That’s crazy!

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I thought I had seen that their costs went up about 20% on kits but that they weren’t going to pass that cost onto us just yet. They must have changed their mind I guess. :woman_shrugging:

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I won’t be buying. A seconds kit at the price of a first quality is insane. I refuse to pay that.


But bb seconds are often much better than other artists first quality kits. :grimacing:
And although BB did raise their prices, they are still consistently the ONLY company who regularly puts kits on sale. And I doubt they really expect people to pay full price. They know we usually wait for them to go on sale.


That is true and I have seen that artist sculpts are going up also. I know the newer ones coming out are more like $119 now or more… when the body is included and more if there is a belly plate.

Examples from the preorder section on Macs
Everlee by Doris will be $119.99 with body
Elf-Fee by Karola will be $124.99 with body
Cayden By Bonnie Seiben will be $109.99 with no body

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Thank you Katina.

Another challenge we have is getting people to work on Saturday. This means we generally take things off sale before the weekend, and then put them back on sale after the weekend.

In general, look for the sales around Monday or Tuesday. Right now a lot of things are on sale.

Also, the most likely things to be put on sale are the items that we hold the highest “Days Of Stock” on. If there are very few of something, it is very unlikely to go on sale. You can gauge this by attempting to put a large number of something in your shopping cart. If it won’t let you, that item probably will not go on sale.



Wow! This is a great tip! Thanks! :grin: