I love buying seconds. There are no bad spots on the vinyl at all. The only thing i noticed is where above the cable ties goes is a bit damaged. But heck, the cable tie still holds as good as the first guality kits and nobody will see it. And who paints the rimb around the opening. I hope i was able to explain it, my mind is slow today .

I know what you mean, Karen…I have bought a few seconds kits, too…in fact, just bought a Ladybug that I want to do for my “keeper.” I can’t see a thing wrong with the vinyl at all. I did a Nod sculpt, too, that was a second. Not a thing wrong. I always figure if I buy a kit that is a second, and something is drastically wrong with it, I can use it for practice.

Quite often they are sold as “Seconds” simply because we didn’t have the time (or the man power) to inspect it.

Bountiful Baby

Well, i love them. Espically the price. Thank-You B.B. for ofering us these seconds. Once reborn nobody can ever tell thry are seconds. Merry Christmas!

I agree thank you