Seconds same price

I am confused. BB will have a sale on a sculpt and then have a sale on the same sculpt as a second but it will be the same price. Why would anyone by a second when you can get a first for the same price. Anyone else notice this?


This question has been asked before and it is the computer that decides what kits will go on sale based on the inventory and how long they expect a kit to last. The seconds kits don’t factor into a computer decision so are often more than a kit that is on sale. Always a good idea to check 1st and 2nd prices before you order.

Yes - and that was what my reply related to - the computer puts the kits on sale and sometimes 2nds are not a bargain at all. BB doesn’t do it to be tricky.

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The sale usually only last few days, so it is not worth it to be messing around with the 2nds, when the sale is finished they will be a “bargain” again.

If they offer both the 1st and 2nd of the same sculpt on sale, wouldn’t it make more sense to offer the 2nd for a cheaper price. Just saying…lol.

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I don’t beleive the BB computer adjusts the prices on the “seconds” when a kit goes on sale! Just have to double check it yourself and continue to be grateful for sales!

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True! Love those $14.95 sales. Wish they did more of that.