Seconds of your Favorite LE Realborns, Available NOW!

We have exciting news!

We have a small amount of second quality kits of our Limited Edition Realborns on our website NOW! The beautiful babies we have available are seconds of our beloved Realborns Presley Asleep, Presley Awake, Kase Asleep, Kase Awake, Asher Asleep, Asher Awake, and Thomas Asleep. These kits have small blemishes that can typically be worked around during Reborning. We had originally planned not to sell the second quality kits of these babies, but we decided to make them available due to high demand. The first quality babies of these kits sold out years ago. If you were wishing to make these little ones yours, now is your chance! Hurry, though, as once they are sold out, they are not going to be restocked. We only have a limited supply of these babies, so get them while you can!

We also have seconds of our newest releases, Realborn Miranda Awake and Realborn Reese available. Here is a link to all of these amazing babies: Click HERE to buy LE Seconds and New Release Seconds

Bountiful Baby


Thank you! Now I’ll have my Presley awake and asleep twins! Can’t wait to get them!


Sold out yet? Lol

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no …they still have some

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Still there when I looked $10.00 less than they were priced at when firsts and available, unlike the heads and arms that are missing from your cart before you can check out :slight_smile:

I want Presley Asleep to make twins too, no money! :rage:

Got my Presley awake I had given up as something I would never ever have because his kit is sold out and astronomical on eBay!
Thank you!!!
Merry Christmas to me!


I’m so excited!! Darn it, I should have gotten a seconds Reese while I was at it to save shipping but I was so excited to bag a Presley!