Sculpting lids on an open eyed kit?

I’m DYING for an asleep toddler, and I don’t love the only option. Has anyone ever done this?

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Also, would anyone be willing to make me an asleep toddler?

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There’s not a lot of sleeping toddlers but there are 3 that I can think of-BB 7 month June asleep (25"), BB Hailey (28"), and Arianna asleep by Reva Schick (28").


7 month June looks too young and I’m not a fan of the other options! That’s why I’m wondering if I could sculpt lids on an open eyed sculpt

Maybe, if you used blank eye forms for sculpting and then sculpted eyelids over them. I don’t know what kind of material would hold up for the long term, though. Which kit are you wanting asleep?

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pretty much any! I just really done like the two toddler options. I was thinking this kit would be cute asleep. I just prefer sleeping babies

plus photos like this would be adorable

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Could you maybe buy flesh colored clay and make a eyelid and glue it over the eye opening? Then paint it to match babies tones?

I’m going to be completly honest, I would not try to cover the eyes, people have tried in the past but its typically ended up popping off or cracking eventually, I would suggest looking at macphersons as they have several larger sleeping babies and toddlers! anything over 23/24 inches will basically be toddler size! Ariana by reva shick may be a good fit?