Sculpting is hard!

I tried, but man is this hard. Here is what I learned so far:

  1. Sculpting is hard. Harder than it looks.
  2. You can cut your nails down to nubs and still somehow end up with nail marks in your sculpt.
  3. Everything seems to droop down after a while, so it’s necessary to stop and push it back up.
  4. Smoothing out one side means that I’m going to push in the other side just by holding onto it.

Anyone have any tips to make this a bit easier? I know we have sculptors here. :slight_smile:

I smashed this and will try again tomorrow, but snapped a pic just to track progress.


That looks like a promising start😉


Looks good!

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It was looking great! Yes it’s hard to sculpt lol. I smooth one side and the other gets smooshed. My nails grow really fast so I have to keep them cut short when I sculpt. Even so I still scratch it with nails!

If the clay is getting too soft pop in in the fridge for awhile.


Thanks, everyone! I’m going to just keep trying. Apparently nothing is going to come easy for me!

Know what’s funny, @snuggle2me… Bonnie Brown has the longest nails ever! How in the world she manages to churn out masterpiece after masterpiece whiile keeping a nice manicure is beyond me!

So back to the fridge. If I put it in there to harden, it will be more difficult to smoothe, right? Smoothing is such a challenge right now.

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Looks good to me​:blush::+1:t2:

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Smoothing will be a little firmer but it helps with squishing other areas.

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Problem #3 sounds like a problem I struggle with on myself! :joy:

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Why’d you smash it? It was cute. :blush:
I read somewhere that Bonnie Brown does her sculpting with a pin. That just blows me away.

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Is that head a solid piece of clay?

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It looks great! I’m sure you can resurrect him from the smash :wink: I watched a YouTube tutorial where a lady pre-baked sections as she worked on it. So when a portion was definitely finished she’d bake, then add more fresh clay to that and continue sculpting. I haven’t tried it myself but thought it was interesting.

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Oh. My. A video of that would be fascinating- wish she’d put one up, @jeanhai. :slight_smile: It was not quite a solid ball, there was a ball of tin foil in the middle. I smashed it because there were too many mistakes that I didn’t know how to fix.

Thsnks for the tip, @Rainbowbabies. If I ever get anything good, I might just bake it before I ruin it.

I do not have any tips but you are off to a great start!

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