Sculpted Kit SALE and Price Reduction!

Our Realborn sale has ended, but now we are doing the same kind of sale on ALL of our SCULPTED kits! They are ALL on sale right now!

The MSRP of ALL of our sculpted kits has been reduced by $5, and we will hold that reduction as our regular MSRP price until at least October 31st.

To celebrate this MSRP price reduction, ALL sculpted kits been marked down an additional 30% OFF of the new LOWER MSRP for the next 72 hours (until Friday morning)! Many of these kits are in short supply!

And just like with the Realborns, this new price reduction means that we probably will no longer offer kits on sale at 50% off, so come get them at this great price!

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Yay! My favorites! Too bad many of the ones that I want to do are currently sold out :frowning:

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Yay! I got Fawna! :grin:


me too, going to make it for fun. lol


Oh no my husband is going to kill me

I got Riley, lulu and faith :heart_eyes:. Been wanting Riley and lulu for awhile and this was the perfect excuse.

Some realborns were still on sale I just bought asleep Darren and 3 month Joseph :grin: