Sculpt you loved but hated

Thank you so mutch for youre answere there both so cute and now i see how tiny ashley is
Did you give here glass eyes 18 mm
And my compliments they are both so nice painted
Do you also use the primaire colors for the mottle and the washes
Now i got to choose but i think Miya because preemie clothes are hard to get here in the Netherlands
Thanks again for showing me ashley i have find a side in spain and they sell the kit for 59,99 euro whitout the body
They also had Leif he is so sweet to see but find it difficcult

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For me it was Easton. I loved her but disliked how I painted her. Will never paint her again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I used the 20mm bountiful baby eyes in true blue for Ashley, they aren’t the glass kind. Thank you for the compliments on my painting. I didn’t use the primary method for either of them, but I do hope to try it sometime.

I put Miya in preemie clothes because I prefer the way they fit compared to newborn. I think Leif also wears preemie sized clothes.

Preemie vs newborn. For the pajama pic I laid the rattle down to show where her legs end.

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Go the the spyglass and type favorite realborn and you will see everyone’s favorites. It might help you discover some you haven’t thought of :heart:


She is adorable in here preemie clothes and that sweet face :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Love here leggs to look very realistic ,thank you for the pictures :blush:

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I have Kuvo. That kit intimidates me, though. Not sure if it’s because of my creative plan for him… I want him to be a true just born ethnic baby. My cousin just had a baby and sent me very vivid photos :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl: of their baby.

I hope this kit isn’t one I adore until I paint it and absolutely hate it! :joy:


Not that I loved her in the first place but at least thought she was cute, realborn Kimberly. For some reason I hated painting almost every minute of her. I never want to paint her again.


That’s a beautiful chubby baby ! His newborn coloring is showing perfectly.
I bought Kovu because I wanted to try painting an ombilical cord. It’s a nice kit, I am just not fan of his limbs. It seem that I am the only one who has this issue tho.


Big Beautiful baby!


You know…I haven’t really paid attention to the limbs. I have to look at it closely. And thank you, I couldn’t believe my cousin’s wife gave birth to a 9 pounder on her first pregnancy!

Thank you @Vanniek


Darling baby.

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He’s huge! And gorgeous!:heartpulse: