Sculpt mach help please!

This is my friend and her grand baby. I stink at this

She is pretty- first pic a little like Frankie or Julie Stoete or maybe Leah from BB? and second one- maybe Morgan? or Jarah … p_620.html

I thought Morgan in the second picture. Heather in #1. The new siggy of Carly is adorable…

Looks like she’s singing “Figaro”!

I second Jarah by Jannie de Lange for the second picture.

And Kate…except fort he lips. Or Newborn Eliza? I would narrow the choices down to 2 or 3 and let her pick.

Heather for the first pic, the next one is on the tip of my tongue but i cant put my finger on it

That first pic of her is soooooo beautiful…what a gorgeous baby!

I stink at finding kits, but my oh my, she has a pretty grandbaby.

Love your new siggy pic! So cute!

Ty for the responses ladies and the compliments on car lees new picture.