Sculpt by linda webb

just wondered if anyone has seen or reborn this little guy by linda webb. his name is welcome home little one. he looks like a chubby little baby, thanks marlene

WOW!! Thanks for posting this!! I hadn’t seen this baby before, and he is amazing!!! : ) I’m going to order one asap…I’m in love!! : )

Dani you may want to go find real pics of him because someone on df ordered one and when she got it said he looked nothing like pics.

thats what i heard as well its all in the way they pose them. let me know if you find any pics. i will look as well. marlene

Oooh, thanks for the heads up, gals!!! : ) I didn’t even think of that lol! I will ask over on df if anyone has any “real” pics of him. Maybe if I reborn him, he’d look better lol : )

I was able to find out that Linda Webb sculpted him exclusively for Ashton-Drake. The pictures I found on ioffer looked horrible. He’s already painted with rooted hair and eyelashes intact.
It perhaps could have been someone who has reborn him but if so, it looks worse than it began! lol No wonder Ashton-Drake itself won’t show him without his hat!

Oh goodness!! Thanks for sharing that with me!! You are right, he’s not cute at all. I really dislike the “pre-rooted” dolls they have now. It’s too bad he doesn’t look like he does in the pictures at AD :confused:

here are some more pics that i have found. marlene