I just got a brand new Nuwave for $30 at goodwill



Good deal!! :two_hearts:Looks new!

Brand new :slight_smile:

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Lucky you!

Definitely AWESOME find! And it’s with amber dome!


Fantastic, and it’s a gold dome!

Is the amber lid better?

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Every clear one cracked to pieces, my gold one, not even a fine line. Fantastic score

Awesome. Did it come with an extender ring as well?

That’s horrible, I hope they were replaced for free

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I’m not sure what that is I will have to look it up. I don’t think it did though

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I saw a used one (Maybe once) at our Salvation Army once and it didn’t have an extender ring so I passed it up because I had no idea how much it cost to buy one. I kick myself all the time for not getting it.


That’s the one I have! You got a great deal. You will need the extender ring if it’s not with it…round metal piece that fits on the base to support the dome and keep the heating element up higher and away from what’s being cooked. Mine came with one, but if you didn’t get one be sure and hunt one down before baking a kit. Good shopping!

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Good for you !! Happy reborning

I have one without the extender ring and just bake parts in it while I bake the head in the one with extender ring

They sell the extender ring on amazon for $20ish

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I just got a ring on ebay for $20 shipped :slight_smile: