Scooby Snacks

It is Sunday morning and I am cooking breakfast, Scooby Snacks, (yummmy)and reading the posts that have been written here. I just wanted to say you are all such a nice group of friends. I am so glad I have met you all.

OH no you dont Girl Friend !!!
You can not post that you are making Scooby snacks and not tell us what they are !!!
( I ate a baked dog bisket once -it wasnt to bad !)
I think I am going to have oatmeal w/ raisens !!!

Glad to meet you too! It is a nice place I agree… i havent figured out breakfast yet but i had better soon lol

Scooby Snacks are so yummy and easy. Here is what you need; 1 pkg of sausage, 1 onion, 1 pkg of Philly Creme Cheese and one container of crescent rolls. 1. Take the Philly out of the fridge to soften; 2. brown the onion and sausage in a skillet. 3. drain the sausage mixture. 4. Line the bottom of a baking dish with half the crescent rolls; mashing them together so not holes show. 5. slice the softened creme cheese on top of the crescent rolls to cover. 6. Top the creme cheese with hot sausage mixture. 7. Put the last of the crescent rolls on top of this. 8. Bake until crescent rolls are cooked. I always use 350 on my oven. IT is that easy and a favorite breakfast at home and at the ambulance base. Since I am there no less than 72 hours a week. I cook a lot. If you have a dislike of onion just leave that out.

wow that sounds delicious

— Begin quote from “huskergal”

that sounds SUPER yummy! =) I had leftover Papa John’s pizza for breakfast =P

— End quote

Too funny that is what we are having for lunch.

On Sundays my grandchildren get to decide what to have for bredfast. We had punkin pie!
Oh my, i just realized i have to cook tonight. For the last three days we’ve had turkey for dinner.
I agree, everyone here is great!


No not yet but I will now. One year I did a dip for crackers 1 philly cheese with salas poured over the top. Not a bite left

Wheat thins are awesome with it