Scarlet BB as a girl !?!?!?

Has anyone done Scarlett BB as a girl? Could I see pictures. I’m making one for my niece’s goddaughter and I can’t get over how much she looks like a boy. Thanks
This is how mine is looking

I even put her together and dressed her with a dress and I think it looks more like a transvestite :joy:

I still have a lot to do on her, but I’m getting worry that I’m bringing a dude to life not the sweet fat girl that I was hoping for.


Custom of her I recently finished.


LOL! She doesn’t look like a transvestite. I think she can be either. Try a pink, frilly dress.


She is so cute. Thanks
I think the hair makes a big difference too. I’m sorry that I’m just going to paint hair. I’m thinking of doing a combo hair so she would look more feminine, but I have never done that.

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Yes once I do a few details I’ll try another dress on her :joy: I just had that dress close to me at the time, it is actually to big for her and I had to tied the head band. I just wanted an idea of how she would look. Hopefully the colors would make the difference.

Once you add her blushing she will be more girly. It’s her grumpiness that threw me off too trying to keep her looking soft and not so harsh.


I know, but that is sad that we associate grumpiness with boys lol. Somehow all the grumpy or crying babies look like boys :thinking:

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I found this one on Google. Not my doll, but she looks pretty cute as a girl


Thanks. She does look cute

Mine has always been dressed as a girl. I love this sculpt!


She is so cute. It seems as the darker she is the more girly she looks. Thank you. Now i know what to do, I’ll be making her darker :+1:

She is becoming a girl


Yay! She is a girl after all :heart_eyes:


She is very cute!

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Thank you

This is a first edition of her


So cute!! I’m loving that Kentucky Wildcat outfit!! I’m a Kentucky girl too!! :blush:

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BBN! Where are you in KY?

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I’m near Pikeville. GO BIG BLUE!!

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I’m in Lexington. We need to get all the KY people together this spring for a baby day!