Scammers on Walmart

Hello to my artist friends~I was recently questioned by a friend about the costs of reborns~ my curiosity was asking her what causes her to be interested in the cost since she hates ALL dolls :flushed:~Lol~she said that reborn dolls are supposedly being sold on the Walmart app~so I searched reborn dolls & sure enough ~there it was~the same scammers using artists’ pix on the Walmart app :rage:~I started a chat through the app & selected to receive a call from them~the call was less than 1min later~ I have reported that those sellers were false advertising using someone else’s personal photos~they need as many ppl as possible to contact through the chat system & actually speak to a representative in order to take care of the situation ~anyway I just wanted to give a “heads up” that they have moved onto the Walmart app & site :woman_facepalming:t3:




They are all over Amazon too. It’s ridiculous. :woman_facepalming:t2:



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I’ve had this happen to. When I first started looking into reborns. I wanted a doll I can afford, but even though new those on the app aren’t real because of the price but I ordered one that look the closest to a reborn. I paid $150. My daughter was so happy, but the doll came straight from China. The entire box had China shipping info all over it. The doll was garbage!! I was upset cause got me $150 for that doll was totally a rip off! My daughter was 6 at the time. I called the vender as the app instructed, of course no answer. After a week of calling and emailing at various times to match China work hours I called Walmart back and explained the events. I was given a full refund and we trashed the doll. I told the rep that there definitely should be info on the app where the supplier is located. I’ve learned a lot about rebound since then. You definitely get what you pay for!! But still till this day I see a lot of stolen and copied items, not just Walmart but I’m Amazon to!!


Poor Bonnie Brown and the rest of the sculptors who have been stolen from. This is like a serious cancer out of control. :rage: