Scammer on AliExpress

Look at this shop :rage::rage:

Shop5426169 Store


Yeah, I agree with your angry faces! How wild is that? Well, if anyone buys a “reborn” doll for less than $50, I guess they either just get what they deserve, or else they are really not knowing what to expect. They haven’t done enough research. Thanks for sharing this.


These sites are popping up more and more lately. I have just finished reading a long thread on FB about someone getting scammed. Makes me want to quit. This hobby is being tarnished big time.


I’m sorry. But I’m out of sympathy. If someone thinks they can get the dolls in the pictures for that price, they deserve what they get. Sounds heartless. But come on. Common sense, people. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Nope, quitting just means they win. Stand strong.


I bought a Baby Alive for my daughter for that price. What are people expect ?

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I see 30 clicks on that link just from this post. Do you know that every time you click on the link it bumps it higher as a ‘popular’ and brings more traffic to them?


Few people, who have just come to the reborn world, know nothing about scam. I’ve learned it the hard way myself. but you learns from it. When that is being said, I actually think that doing so is completely disrespectful and without the slightest conscience to copy and take the ass of gullible people. It males me so angry

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It’s completely wrong that our world has made it so easy to steal!! But that sites just proves the lack of common sense if you think you can get a “absolutely perfect “ doll for that little price!!

Where’s the safe guards for artist??


Can people actually think they are going to get an 800+ dollar doll for 48 and change…


I believe that people have been warned enough, they HAVE to know by now with all the people telling there stories of how they’ve been scammed, they should know those prices are in sane for a REAL reborn. Really, come on

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Right?! It goes for anything. If I see a super nice pair of boots or purse online, for the same price as a mediocre pair in the store, it’s my responsibility to verify that it’s real. And I keep seeing homemade quilts online for around $40. So who is making high quality homemade quilts in bulk for nothing? Nobody. And that 1000X zoom camera lens for my iPhone? It’s only $20. And that $100 boat. Yep. That has to be real. So, I’m going to spend next week’s paycheck on some walking boots to walk me to the $100 boat I’m buying, so I can go sit in the middle of the lake taking pictures of the moon with the new fancy lens I’m getting…actually, I think I’ll take my boat in the ocean, from the dock on my ocean front property in Arizona. Anyone want to meet me there?


Will meet you there with my 20$ 1000pieces Lego set and my 30$ Apple watch


Awesome! I saw a $1000 Ford Focus with only 50,000 miles for sale in Arizona. The owner is going overseas with the military so she needs it gone. There are no pictures because it’s in a storage crate. I guess I could pick it up along the way. And in reality, I don’t even need a $1000 car. The prince in Nigeria should be wiring me millions of $$ any day now.


Does anyone have a pic of the doll you actually recieve from these sites?

I knew nothing about these sites until they were posted. I imagine their sales have increased since their sites are being posted throughout the reborn community. I don’t believe that it is keeping buyers away from them, but rather giving them free advertisement. There will always be people that want a cheaper product. They are probably selling thousands of these everyday to very happy customers. Please stop posting their sites and bringing them more business!


Yes sir!