Just came across this website on facebook in a comment… while looking at it I see a few artists’ from here and on it.

I do not think they are the ones listing them?

@Janievega, @lollipop_cradle, @Angel76, @flymetotheisle
I see listing of your dolls with conflicting info…

The poster seems to be “lance1391”

The locations do not match on @Janievega’s dolls

I don’t think Karen @Angel76 listed Celeste there

@lollipop_cradle - is that not your Saskia as his profile picture?

@flymetotheisle your Taite is on there saying from San Diego, Ca

Your listing of Maddox is there…

There is one doll listed on there I seen for sale yesterday on fb. I think it’s a scam also.

This is out of control.

Ugh, I hate when people do stuff like that. It makes it so much harder for us honest people to sell a doll.

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What in the world, there is 2 of my babies on there. What do we do about it?

No idea. The person posting it on Facebook is John Smith. There is no info or pictures on the account.

Another red flag…

I posted in a scammer group about it. And every time I see him post it. i reply to it about not being posted by the artist and it looks like a scam.

I see @Nikkiroc has became a victim now too.

The person posted one from her… NOT from her location

Can people just do this with no repercussions?

No clue. But I can’t report anything on it without registering… At least that is how it looks.

Now it shows other “Posters” (still not the actual artists) but if you click on the poster the web address bar still says lance1391

So he is creating multiple names I guess?

I dont know what to do?

Found their facebook page

So in effect this person would use other artists’ photos, “sell” the doll, then keep the money & never send anything? Or send a junk doll? Ugh.

I know you can report posts and photos on Facebook. After you mark it as “spam” they ask if this resolved the problem. Say no, then you can type in an explanation. I did that when a scammer gained access to my late cousin Josh’s account. But…I’m not sure how much good it does.

I just checked Whois to try to find out the name of the domain owner and strangely got nothing. You know who may be able to advise… David. He should have an interest in this because customers getting screwed over and getting confused could negatively impact his business. The domains are so similar that I’m surprised that he didn’t buy it beforehand, which is what business owners typically do to prevent stuff like this from impacting their business.

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I did. He said it belongs to a William Lance Holmes in Georgia

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Did he have any suggestions? He seems to be pretty savvy when it comes to these things?

Not really. You can read his reply on

Lol… He doesn’t seem to worried. Okay.

Besides the normal lawyer, cease and desist letter ect, I found this:

The site looks down! One can hope!

Never mind… it is back :frowning:

If the dolls were only used to gain traffic or make the site look ‘full’ it should say so… Nowhere does it say they’re not for sale.