Scam on Ebay - figured out can delete

I was looking through ebay today and found this gorgeous Skya! But then I noticed the seller is brand new with no reviews or sales and the shipping is like $4. Does anyone know who owns this skya and if it is legitimate?

Listing on eBay has been removed- Thanks Ladies!!

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Someone could always write to the seller and invite them to the forum :slight_smile:

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I would ask for more pictures- perhaps of some detail that would be hard to get unless you have the doll right there. The other thing you could do is try to do a reverse image search although that has never worked too good for me as I get all kinds of things that look nothing like the image.


I did try a reverse image search lol. Nothing came up. I contacted the seller, hoping to hear back, she is a gorgeous baby!

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Probably too good to be true. Not many pics, and barely any description

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I looked at the seller’s description for the Levi they sold yesterday and am puzzled as to why the seller shipped that baby USPS Parcel Select and is planning to ship Skya USPS first class- can reborns ship first class? I just always use priority mail, so did not look but assumed they would be too heavy. Hopefully, the seller gets back with you and it is what you hope it to be.

Is that just the lowest bid though

Shirley Jones painted it. The 3 pics in the pink knit are Shirley’s
Emma Jane in England posted it for sale on Facebook on June 30th it says it sold? She lives in England

Used all 4 of these pics in the ebay listing.

I say scam. How is it now in Georgia? and no new pics or info… also not new…


You are amazing finding this info! It looks like someone bought the Levi this seller had listed and I suspect that the pictures were also not taken by the seller.


It is definitely a scam. I contacted Shirley and she said she knows the lady that has her now and she is in the U.K. I don’t get why people do this!!


I reported it earlier but just seen that Shirley has asked people to report it also


I reported it too


Good catch ladies!!! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Glad it got removed! The link is now sending me to different auctions so I removed the link so actual sellers don’t show up.