Say "NO MORE" to PayPal

A few months ago I almost became victim to the reborn scammers out there. Actually in truth I did. I purchased a doll from rebirths only to come across this site and realize what a mistake I’d made. I reached out to PayPal who refused to refund me even though at the time I still hadn’t received the doll. I decided to reach out to rebirth and told them I’d discovered the pictures they were using were of other artists work they did not have permission to use… To my absolute shock Rebirth refunded me every penny within 24hrs of my email to them. But what about PayPal? What about their lack of support? I’ve read countless entries from people reaching out to PayPal asking for a refund, it’s always the same story, PayPal says, “no refund”. Has anyone out there actually had PayPal help? If PayPal is not helping the consumer in these instance then it is actually helping aid the scammers. Surely PayPal is aware of these scammers, not only from the consumers here, but others who have purchased fake reborns but have not discovered this site.
Is it not about time we all hold PayPal accountable for their contribution to this scam???
There are many very smart women on here. Let’s put our heads together, let’s come up with a way of telling PayPal “NO MORE”!! It’s time PayPal started supporting the people who built it!!


Most the posts I see it is usually the other way around. A buyer gets a doll, claims something is wrong with it, gets a refund from Paypal and then sends the seller back a damaged doll that was damaged by the buyer. So IMO PP seems to give out refunds freely…


I never received a reborn outfit I purchased on ebay. Paypal gave me my money back.

You have to open a claim. The first thing they tell you to do is try to work it out with the seller. It seems you did that.


First of all I would like to say that I am glad that you received your money back, however the fact that you didn’t researched WHAT are you buying and from WHERE are you buying is not on PayPal, it’s on you.

And unless you proposing another form of payments between seller and buyer, which you are not, this post does not make sense to me. Not everyone has Walmart conveniently located next to them to do Walmart to Walmart, or I would never take certified check, for example.
Instead of boycotting PayPal I would suggest to you to educate buyers not to buy counterfeit products without a research.


I don’t do paypal I don’t trust it cause hear stories about and can get locked out of it heard and stuff like that

I sale for post office money order or Walmart to Walmart

But I’m glad u got ur money back

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I agree 100% when it comes to PayPal not refunding when it comes to the scam sites. It’s a clear case of item not as described, especially when REAL artist are made to refund by PayPal on non refundable deposits, buyers remorse and purpose damage by the buyer. PayPal is helping them to get more sales of their fake dolls, if 1000+ people have filed a claim then obviously there is something wrong there!
However, there isn’t much else of a option that comes to giving protection to both the buyer and seller.
PayPal has no doubt sided with the wrong side at times, same I’m sure with eBay and Etsy etc but PayPal can also be a big help if you follow their guidelines and seller rules (if your a seller). I am giving my customers a slight discount if they pay any other way but PayPal, but this can be tricky as well because there are scamming buyers AND sellers so you have to know really they are legit and sadly alot of people don’t research until after they purchase.
I would love to say :no_entry_sign:NO PayPal​:no_entry_sign: period but, it’s just not plausible unless you sell in person or your buyer trusts you because Walmart to Walmart, western union etc offers no protection for the buyer.
Seeing as people should research before buying especially for something as expensive as a Reborn, it’s not PayPal fault technically BUT with how PayPal has screwed every day sellers with bogus claims and half the time PayPal doesn’t even make the buyer return the doll prior to a refund… THIS is clearly something they could help stop by not allowing these sites to have PayPal as a payment option. With thousands of claims, idk how the account isn’t closed🤷

The scammer sites have made tons of sales recently and Paypal is getting their 3-4% of each of them. Until buyers educate themselves and stop buying from the scammer sites, I don’t think things will change much. I think Paypal is benefiting from the scammer sales enough that it will let them continue, and the Chinese scam sites have worked their delivery times to avoid having to refund. If you don’t get your item until the time limit for a refund has passed, they don’t have to refund. Same with saying you didn’t get what you ordered. If it takes too long to actually see what you are getting (or to realize that you aren’t going to get anything) your time limit for a refund is over…sad but true!


Lots of great input everyone thank you. Sony, great idea about the pictures. As far as returning your beautiful work as damaged good I had no idea. I can’t imagine after all the hard work you put in. Good to hear the other side of things. I guess unfortunately there are always going to be scammers out there, either selling or purchasing and trying to return goods after they have damaged them. Yelena, I don’t think I’ve ever been called stupid quite so eloquently. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:


LOL, I had to go back and read what I said because ‘eloquent’ for someone with English not as a first language is a huge compliment! :wink:
I didn’t want to go to all minute details why I will not boycott PayPal as it’s part of my life, not just for buyer-seller relationship. I have grown-up children traveling the globe and this is easy for me to transfer money to them. I have friends and family overseas whom I am helping also. So far PayPal was nothing but a good tool for me.


After I reread I was thinking…gosh I hope my comment didn’t sound rude, I was actually complementing you, written very well. So glad you read it correctly. Love hearing everyone’s input. I LOVE this forum!! Have an awesome Sunday Yelena !! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! :kissing_heart: As Sunday is almost over I am wishing you a great week! :grinning:

I read that most people don’t complain and just chaulk it up to lesson learned thats why nothing gets done every one that gets scamed needs to file a report… GettingStarted there are hundreds of sites out there from china using the same page same phone number same stolen photos and copied sculpts. report everyone…

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