Saw this post about baby Yoda ❤️❤️❤️

Just had to share this post my daughter saw on Facebook :heart::heart::heart:


Aaaww, how sweet. Made me tear up.


So sweet


I know right? Me too :heart:

That is precious :heart:


Lady bug! Haha that’s so cute.

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How lovely, I work in a care home and our residents have Dementia, I took one of my babies in and they all had a cuddle with it, one lady kept coming back to cuddle her again and again and when it was time for me take her to her room to help her undress for bed she asked if the baby could come, I explained that I would be taking her home with me which she seemed fine about but once she was changed she again asked if she could hold her for another cuddle, she said " I know it’s silly and I know she isn’t real but I love holding her" she got her cuddle and spent half an hour talking to the doll, during that time she didn’t ask where her husband (deseased) was once, it completely took her mind off of things and relaxed her, my plan is to make her a cuddle baby just as soon as I get time, I live making these dolls but never really understood to attraction to collecting them until that moment, I saw for myself how therapeutic they can be.


That’s so sweet :heart:

I really love this. She is just so consumed with that “baby”. I love these people so much, and I always think of what they have done in order for us to have what we have today.