Saw this in the mall today

Went into a store iny local mall while Christmas shopping today and saw this…

Lets just say i went on a full blown rant to my sister to the point that the employees were giving me dirty looks lol. Any store that is willing to sell these has lost my business for life.


Oh no🤦🏻‍♀️

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sad that they name it reborn doll when is manufactured and stolen sculpt


Wow… in the stores defensive they are totally clueless! They don’t even know what a reborn doll means. Obv Levi arms. I wonder who the rest of the parts belong to :pleading_face:


How much was it ?

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They seem to be everywhere now :cry:

Makes me upset and sad

$99.99 :roll_eyes:

Maddening :rage::dizzy_face:

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Wow, that’s messed up!! We need good strong public awareness!! But in the end, cheap always wins :disappointed:

I posted a google review. I know it wont do much good but if it will even alert a few people to this crap, its better then nothing.


If anyone wants to leave reviews, the store is Showcase. Here is links to the website.



Grrrrrrr… China strikes again.

You did great! Respect!