Savannah bald?

hi! Has anyone done Savannah and left her bald?

I haven’t done Savannah, but I did Violet. I think they are similar. Violet looked odd to me before I rooted her. The top of her head (eyebrows and up) kind of looked too big for her face. Hair seemed to mask that a bit. Here’s a pic of bald Violet…

Do u have a pic of rooted violet?

Did it take forever to root? Rooting is not not strong suit…

I rooted her pretty sparsely. It took maybe 12 hours, but she is only the 2nd head I’ve rooted, so I’m not very fast at all!


Here she is finished.

They look cute bald but even better with some hair, even if it’s sparse.


She is adorable!!! How muchair should I be using if I root sparsely? I always end up thick… To root sparsely, should I just spead each hair out a little further?

I love her full lips! Savannah has thin ones.

Yep, just spread them out more. My biggest problem was getting the “sparseness” even. I would start out sparse and before I knew it I would make an area thicker. When I saw that happening, I just plucked some hair from the thicker section to make it match the sparse.


Yes, more space in between the hairs.

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A 1/2 ounce a head?

I had a quarter ounce lock for Violet and didn’t quite use it all.

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Ok! Thanks, now I have something to gauge how much I should be using😄

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