Satin varnish over a matte varnish seal

Help please! I received a reborn doll yesterday whose skin looks dry and kind of dusty, i’m assuming a matte varnish was used to seal her. I was wondering if using a wash to remove the dry dusty look to her, or should I use a satin varnish on her or maybe use the dewy skin on her.
Thanks for your help! Suggestions are also very welcomed!

Satin varnish can sometimes come out shiny.
Sometimes buffing them all over with a dry thick terry wash cloth can remove some of the roughness and add a little sheen back to the finish.
If that doesn’t work, You would need to take the kit apart but then could use a wedge and some odorless thinner and rub it vigorously all over the finish, let flash off and then bake the limbs at 265 for 8 mins. I have had that help before too.
If all that fails, applying a thin layer of Genesis thinning medium and baking will add back sheen.

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Thank you, I will try these options!

I know this is an old topic, but what did you do with that problem?