Saskia with painted hair?

Anyone reborned Saskia with painted hair?

I’d love to see if you have, thanks!

@Sweetpetitenursery, @cajuncuties?


Thank you! :blue_heart:

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I love her with the painted hair.

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I love the painted hair, makes them look more newborn.


IMG_5602 IMG_5605 I reborned 3 a while ago when the kit come out. All 3 had prisma painted hair and I loved them . I can imagine painting hair in 3D would make her/ him adorable too.

Go for it .


I have done one custom bald one and 2 with painted hair and will be doing another one to keep.


Custom Painted kit with painted hair for a repeat customer

Painted hair reborn #2 that was sold as a finished baby

Saskia by Bonnie Brown by Angie Jones


Oh my gosh! Thanks so much everyone! :heart_eyes: Gee…all of them are GORGEOUS!

Ok, I feel better ~ sometimes painted hair works and sometimes it doesn’t so I’m glad to see it works great on this kit. And yep: I’ll be the last person on the planet painting Saskia :laughing:


Really Karen, Your painted hair is awesome. Your Saskia would be beautiful.


Thank you, Michele :heart: I appreciate that.

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No you won’t be last. I still have one stashed. Waiting on my real talent to kick in. Lol. I’ll be like one of those memes where there’s a skeleton sitting there. Me waiting on my reborn skills to kick in. :laughing:


You’ve got skills @CindyLouWho Cindy! Great skills! But just in case, you and I can be skeletons together :laughing:

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Karen your skills have definitely kicked in. Maybe if I make more dolls mine will kick in. I’m a weekend doll maker. I work full time and it just so hard to feel up to working on them through the week


I’m so glad you asked this question. I was just going through my kits the other day and ran across her. I too was wondering what she would like with painted hair. :wink:

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I don’t even care for Saskia, but the one in your first picture is adorable.

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Thank you! I wish I could get my hands back on her! The lady I sold her too resold her. Then a while back I saw her on Ebay with a horrendous Goldilocks style wig on her head and listed at like $500 or some crazy price. I wish I had her back!

I do have one more 1st edition kit in my stash to reborn to keep.

Karen, I’ve seen lots of painted hair Saskia’s and they are adorable and look more babyish in my opinion. I love them. If this is your first Saskia, well then you are going to “fall in love” with her. I was a slow one to join the Saskia team and she is now one of my very favorite!! I’m working on one right now to sell hopefully. @kareninflorida

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Excited to see yours, Lynn!

Mine will be here tomorrow but she’s gotta wait a couple of months till I have time to paint her.

I have a couple of coats of paint on her with mottling so far, not having much time to work on her. I’ll try to get pictures when she is done but have no idea when that will be.

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