Saskia First vs. Second

Not to bring up an old topic, But is a first addition Saskia worth more money than the second? I realize the first addition was signed on the COA. But if you are selling or trading does it matter if it is a second or first?

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I do not think to most people the edition would not make much difference, now; maybe to some serious collectors, but they usually get them as soon as possible, and by now have them. When re-selling as second hand I do not think what edition the kit was would make much difference at all. If you put the doll up for auction you will find out how much more are people willing to pay more than your starting price.

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Thank you!

Edition doesn’t matter to me. I paint, as an artist, what I like and I buy as a collector what I like. I wont pay extra for a first edition just because the coa is signed.