Sara by Connie Walser Derek (Porcelain Doll)

I got this little girl for my Grandma today. Found her on Facebook marketplace for $25. I think I’m gonna get one of her for myself as well cause she is really sweet.


I agree. She’s really cute.

I had this doll when I was growing up. I’ll look for it at my mom’s house next time I’m there. I had two more of her dolls too. One was a boy with a cookie and the other had a big pink bow on her head. I guess they are all in the attic now…

Ok, asked Google

and I actually have Andrew, Stephanie, and had forgotten about Samantha. I think she had a stuffed panda with her. These pics are not mine. I loved to watch the doll shows on QVC. Lol

Awe there cute! I have kinda fallen in love with her dolls lol. Time to start a second doll collection🙂