Sansa by Ping Lau

Such a cute animated face on this one:


Oh thanks for sharing. I love this one!!

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I want one. where is she being produced? Puppen tramland? I cant find her on there. :confused: I need one! Lol

I am really thinking hard on this one she draws me lol I hear I know u want meeee I know u dooooo buy me buy meeeeee

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Haha buy her! That’s what happens to me if I look and say I want them I get them. It doesn’t happen often for me. Plus makes painting them all that much more fun cause you like her! Lol

I really love this one. I’m tempted to pre-order but I already have 3 kits on pre-order. Does anyone know her release date?

I just looked at her a little while ago and fell in love but I can’t preorder until I get paid.

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Me either. :frowning: Hopefully, I can by next week. I would love to have this one. It’s something about that little face especially the lips. I love kits with open mouths for some reason.

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I was just looking, wishing and really thinking I want one. I didn’t catch when it is going to be released. Have to know how much time I would have to save for my remainder due. Lol

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it is a must have…

She’s an open edition.

She’s so cute!!! I have her bookmarked. :slight_smile:

She’s supposed to be in stock by the end of September or before.

I saw her on Facebook. I love her too! Gotta have her!! :two_hearts: Glad she’s an open edition cause I is broke right now lol! :cry:


cute little baby!!

Thank goodness she’s open edition. I don’t know how I would be able to afford 4 kits with similar release dates.

I want her too but haven’t sold anything for many weeks now and the dolly dollars are gone. I hate to do pre-orders if I don’t have the money in my paypal to cover the whole amount. If I have to pay any other way it comes out of household expenses and I try to make my doll stuff pay for itself. It’s a sad fact though, that sometimes it doesn’t. It’s feast or famine. I think some of my cutest dolls are no reborns right now, but they just sit there waiting for their mommies. I could probably sell them if I dropped the prices down to nothing, but I’m willing to do that as my prices are already extremely fair. (At least I think so.)

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